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Metal Fabrication Techniques Used to Create Staircases

Producing high-quality staircases will often involve advanced metal fabrication techniques. Not only can this help to ensure safety and stability, but the sheer variety of methods are excellent in terms of flexibility. What are some of the most common metal fabrication techniques and what does each one involve? Let’s take a look at a handful of methods that are used when creating complex products such as interior and exterior stairwells.


When working with certain metals such as on a stainless steel fabrication project, we will use a process known as stamping. Stamping is one of the oldest metal fabrication techniques still used. It involves using a die to shape the metal into specific forms. One of the benefits associated with this type of metal fabrication is that it can be used to make complex and even three-dimensional parts. Stamping is also an ideal solution when certain products need to be manufactured in bulk.


There can also be times when two or more pieces of metal are fused together by welding. This is often beneficial in terms of staircases, as the welds themselves are very strong and resistant to strain. Furthermore, this is a faster process when compared to riveting. As no additional metal materials are needed, the overall weight of the structure will also remain the same. This could otherwise be a concern when manufacturing very large stairwells. The type of welds will depend upon the metals being joined as well as the environment (interior vs exterior).

Metal Fabrication: Punching and Bending

Punching can likewise be used when a series of holes need to be created within an existing piece of metal. These holes will often be required for attaching accessories such as spindles and even the stairs themselves.

In the same respect, break presses and similar machinery can be used to create bends and angles within seconds. You should keep in mind that both of these techniques can be used in combination with the processes mentioned above. In fact, many factories which manufacture bulk items will possess a host of in-house solutions.

Why Work with the Team at Specialised Metalwork?

Our company will provide flexible fabrication solutions based around your needs and we work in conjunction with the client along every step of the project. This level of transparency is very important when dealing with complex stairwells and countless other structures. You will be well aware of progress throughout, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

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