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The Rocket Made Entirely of Stainless Steel

The concept of stainless steel fabrication is certainly nothing new. This concept has been employed to manufacture some of the most well-known appliances which we have come to rely upon each and every day. Still, science is continuing to advance at a breakneck pace. Stainless steel is now employed in countless applications and some of these may eventually take humanity to distant worlds. This potential has certainly not been lost on well-known inventors such as Elon Musk. His genius seems to know no bounds and one of the latest examples of just how versatile stainless steel has become can be seen in a novel rocket simply referred to as “Starship”. What might this invention have to offer in the not-so-distant future?

More Than a One-Off Project

One of the issues which has tended to plague the space industry since its inception involves the decidedly one-off nature of the rockets and propulsion systems themselves. While NASA tried to tackle this through the use of the Space Shuttle as well as with the presence of solid booster rockets that could be used multiple times, there were still numerous limitations. The main problem here involves cost. Manufacturing a new rocket for each journey to space is a prohibitively expensive undertaking; forcing many would-be engineers out of the industry entirely. The good news is that Starship can be used to accommodate as many as 1,000 launches each and every year. This is due in no small part to its stainless steel fabrication.

Starship Rocket - Stainless Steel Fabrication by Specialised Metalwork

Addressing Payload Limitations

It costs an enormous amount of money to send an object into space. This arises from the fact that the vehicle in question will need to overcome the natural forces of gravity. Heavier payloads require a greater amount of thrust (fuel). This can be problematic for larger spacecraft, as the price of simply putting an object into orbit could be too much of a financial burden. Furthermore, it may require multiple trips. Musk seems to have averted these concerns through the unique design of his new rocket. It is claimed that Starship can lift over 100,000 kilograms; far more than any system currently employed. Fewer trips to and from space once again equate to lower overall operational costs. It is therefore clear to see why he chose stainless steel fabrication over composite materials or more traditional methods.

The Sky is the Limit

Some feel that as many as 100 passengers can be placed into orbit during any given flight. This is a massive benefit to the International Space Station as well as any future projects that might be on the horizon. Still, we need to keep in mind that Starship is only a prototype at the moment. Only time will tell if it proves to be a resounding success.

Of course, stainless steel fabrication can serve countless other purposes besides travelling into the heavens. This is when the experts at Specialised Metalwork can help. Please speak with us if you would like to learn more about your production options.

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